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Do you speak Mexican?

Pinches gringos, they’ll never get it right. 

I hate it when I go to the supermarket and head to the Hispanic food section only to find a few shelves full of Mexican items! Nothing against Mexicans - half of my family on my mom’s side is from there - but C’MON!!! Why don’t they just call it Mexican food section? Arghhh… It pisses me off so much!

I guess I should be grateful that there’s even a section for these items in the highly white suburbs where we live. I don’t pretend that Peruvian items would make it to the shelves of any American supermarket in this area, although that would be grandiose. (The only Hispanic market in the area closed last year and now I have to make a real effort to go to the other ones far, far away from home to get some aceitunas de botija, ají amarillo or any Goya item for my husband to cook some Puerto Rican food!).

What I have a problem with is the erroneous assumption that Hispanics=Mexicans. That’s like when I’m asked if I speak Mexican instead of Spanish. Ignorance is what makes people think that all Hispanics - and I hate that word, by the way - are the same. None of the stuff on the shelves of the Hispanic section at the local market would be useful in my kitchen - except maybe the chocolate bars to make chocolate caliente, even though they weren’t even the Abuelita brand I like :(

Every time I go into a new - meaning I’ve never been there - supermarket near my house or office, I want to believe that maybe this one got it right. But no, every single time I’m disappointed by the same old Mexican items.

Pinches gringos, they’ll never get it right because they simply don’t give a shit!